Welcome to the Sisterhood

Finding Our Place


Sisters in Submission is a girls-only social network connecting women who want to dig deeper into what submission means for them.

If you are seeking friendship and support from others like you on the journey to acceptance and understanding, please send us a join request via the button above. We look forward to meeting you!

Join us if...

...you are drawn to submission but not sure why

...you want to be surrounded by positive, supportive, feminine energy

...you are working towards accepting yourself and all your desires fully

...you are exploring how to create harmonious relationship dynamics

...you want to learn to listen to your heart and live in alignment with your true nature

...you want to help others do all of the above ;-)

As Sisters, we ...

....are friendly and supportive, non-judgemental and accepting

....are keen to learn and help others learn

...find joy in seeing others grow

...show compassion for ourselves as well as others

...continually seek to better ourselves while accepting we will never be ‘perfect’

...help each other towards our goals

...seek happiness and practice listening to our hearts

...choose not to advocate for gender equality

...respect others’ privacy as we would wish our own to be respected

...make others feel welcome

...are only ever in competition with ourselves to become the best servants we can be 

...enjoy that a Man's word is final. 💖

Member Feedback

"OMG! I just fell down the rabbit hole!" 

"It's amazing, I never imagined there would be such a community! It definitely is very much needed, this is going to be such a healing and empowering group. I can't thank you enough for starting this wonderful place."

"This is literally the best thing right now! I’ve been on this journey for just a few months and realized very quickly I’m much happier and at ease in a submissive mindset , and have a wonderful owner to guide me. But it gets lonely sometimes not having other women to talk with about things, all of my friends are feminists or borderline such. I can’t imagine if I tried to bring up some of the things I feel with them. Thank you SO much for putting this together and inviting me in! This is amazing 💜 "

"Oh my god...I love this place. A little corner of the world where I'm not told I'm weak for being what I am. Thank you so much for accepting me! All the girls are super friendly and so accepting no matter what story we have that got us here. You will never ever know what a difference you have made in my attitude to my goals. I'm so positive in what I'm doing knowing I have a wonderful group of women that support me and agree with me."

"I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself!"

"Feels like coming home..."